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heroin? more like harurin. stay in pool, kids.



Goats paint. Well, actually, they put their hooves in paint and walk over canvas. Then, according to Dr. Lindsey Petras, their veterinarian and their artist, they try to eat the paint. And smear it everywhere.
Flanders and Clarine, the Hand in Paw therapy goats, have a painting for auction at this weekend’s Picasso Pets, the biggest fundraiser of the year for Hand in Paw Animal-Assisted Therapy. 

Vincent van goat!!!!

my rin muse now has a steady haru, sousuke, makoto, and rei

Bellward + book quotes.


more mermaid au bc im in love


harurin + text posts

i cant be stopped

also the text post in the last one is altered a bit from the original but the real one is here (oops i cheated its supposed to be about girls not boys whatever) also some of the caps are from free-caps

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p.s. i have a date this week

i survived today now im listening to sourin mixes and tackling my pile of rp tags!!!