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"i can’t be anyone but myself, man!"

I love her, too. Or I will. It’s not the same, but I want her around for that.

“Love her, too?” I whispered, incredulous.

She sighed. You are so blind, Edward. Can’t you see where you’re headed? Can’t you see where you already are? It’s more inevitable than the sun rising in the east.


Jeff + Britta: 6 Kisses


COOL DATE IDEA: take a really long nap with me


【グラビ】ママ、誕生日おめでとう!【瑛愁リク】 by 雨香
Drop an “If I were dating you…” In my ask. Anon or not.


Bittersweet Days

by HY


Not only is Rose learning to read Alternian, she’s learning to speak it too. She’s gotten good enough that Karkat is not cringing every two words because of bad pronunciation. In fact he has kind of grown to like her human accent. He still corrects her when she get a word too wrong though.