hecka cute side image by the bunne!!!




maybe it’s just me being forgetful but this name fits him so well that i sometimes find myself writing it instead of his actual name. according to this there’s supposed to be a kiss somewhere but i’m weak and i don’t have a lot of time i am sorry. 

edit: one of the pic had some pixel problems oops.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 10 × Text Posts


i dont watch free! but this is a quick sketch for my darling mali who really loves rin/rei :) send her your rin/rei headcanons!! she’d love to hear them! :) :)

Sousuke has great taste in music.


do you ever just

they love each other so much


we’ll reach there for sure

ref pics: x x


i wish i lost weight as fast as i lose motivation

mom’s boyfriend bought me these really pretty pink roses when they went grocery shopping because he noticed i was sad after work