hecka cute side image by the bunne!!!



you had a 50% chance laura how did you fuck up this bad



Because they’re meant to be. They always come back to each other.

Nicki + 2014 Fashion


this art is the shittiest ever but i had to do it

based off of this mostly because this is totally usopp and zoro

greendale seven appreciation week(s): day eight
abed nadir love day

“TV makes sense, it has structure, logic, rules, and likeable leading men. In life, we have this.”

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what about kuragehime tho

wELL maybe idk about “always” sticking with me……the opening theme probably will tbh

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rules: don’t take too long to think about it. ten anime you’ve seen that will always stick with you. list the first ten you can recall in no more than 10 minutes. tag 10 friends.

  1. gravitation
  2. one piece
  3. free!eternal summer
  4. sailor moon
  5. inuyasha (kagome!) (inuyasha!) (kAGOME!)
  6. revolutionary girl utena
  7. la corda d’oro
  8. uh
  9. idk
  10. those are all i can think of

I needed this